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Perfection and Proper Participation Makes the Online Games Available

If the student is not interested in online games, he will not find any additional interest in this form of entertainment pacing the course; even worse if he hates this online game activity, he will be even less motivated. Then, the student will be passionate about the course as long as he has this teacher. If he ever came to have another teacher in the next few years, he would lose that motivation. Finally, it is possible that the fact that the course is imbued with this culture is a bit of a hindrance to it, as students are no doubt more eager to discuss with their teacher than to study.

The Other Teacher

The second teacher proposed a different approach. Personally, the idea seems interesting to me, but again, all the students are not players, and therefore the lesson would probably be most boring for some. The teacher has therefore tried to remedy this problem by including films and TV series, which reach a larger audience. Then, the projects he has undertaken seem to me rather perilous and require, in my opinion, a great preparation, which could lead to a slight delay in the matter. You can explore the options and more now with the process of online gaming and for that you will get the best games available now from Run 3 unblocked.

  • The experiment did not take place as the teacher would have hoped, but the teacher did not give up and counted, when the survey was conducted, improve this lesson and again use the online games in the next years.
  • We totally disagree with the third teacher, who totally bans online games, as well as violent movies and TV series. My point of view will be developed later in this file.
  • Finally, the last teacher does not intend to imbue his course of online games, since he finds that this form of entertainment has no place in the latter. What can We say except that this is probably the case for the majority of teachers in the world, and that this attitude has already proven itself millions, even billions of times?
  • Personally, We can say, from experience, that if the teacher is motivated and loves what he does, he only needs one thing: to make the student want to learn. Therefore, no need for gadgets, the student takes pleasure in coming to the class and listening to his teacher.

Video game addiction

The online game is sometimes described as a drug, which would push the players to stay behind their screens, even to lose the thread of their studies, to neglect their friends, etc. Why? The motivations can be different according to the players: need of escape, search of friends, build a world in his image, etc.

In USA, according to a survey conducted in 2010, 25 million French people play online games, 600 to 800 000 of which would show signs of an addiction to this form of entertainment (between 2.4 and 3.2% of players) . This addiction can take different forms, the extreme cases being probably dropping out of school, professional or even social.

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