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How to get good players in FIFA 19?

FIFA game fans wish to get a good player that will help them to win matches. But getting a good player is not that much easy. You need to follow some essential tips and tricks in order to make a good player.

FIFA 19 ultimate team has become one of the most loved modes in the FIFA series. You can create your ultimate team and add your favorite players in that team.

Getting a good player through coins can be a difficult job sometimes. In fact, it all depends on luck. You can try an expensive pack to get a good player, and there are chances that you may succeed most of the time.

You increase your chances if you have a good amount of coins and you can get coins from Fifacoin.com. Sometimes people get an excellent player on their first try and some time they have to wait for a long time to get one.

But you can follow some tips that will help to get a good player or even you can make an ordinary player a well-developed player that will surely win matches for you.


Don’t try to miss any challenge that you get during the game. Try to play all the challenges that will help your player to spend more time on the pitch which will increase their game.

There are lot of challenges that you may find difficult to pass during the game, but they will improve your game and help you to develop a team of good players.You can also increase the changes to get a highly rated player through the FUT objectives. There are many weekly objectives within the game that can reward you high-level packs or some unique players.

You can also get a various task on daily or weekly bases that will help you to earn some useful items that you may want. So try to keep a close eye on them so that you don’t miss a single chance to get them.

Ultimate Packs

One of the best ways to get good players is through packs. These packs increase your chances to get a player you want. But it not necessary, most of the time you ended up getting the player that you don’t want, but still you never know your luck.

Try to choose the most profitable packs which may increase your chances. Most of the right players are available in the expensive packs so you should go for the expensive packs.

If you don’t have coins for these expensive packs, you can buy them from Fifacoin.com at affordable rates. Or even you can earn through different modes like FUT Champions and Squad battles.

Promotional events

Most of the Top players in FIFA ultimate team remain in the pack for a short interval of time especially when they are present in the promotional events.

These events such as Black Friday include a ton of good players, packs and many valuable rewards that you will surely like. So it a great option to stock some coins before these kinds of promotions events.Moreover EA Sports also offer different events during the whole year and the best way to remain up-to-date regarding the event is through the official twitter account of EA Sports FIFA. But they are available for a limited time, so try to grab them quickly. Keep an eye on all these promotional events.


Transfer market

 In case you spend more time playing the game, try to bid on players in the transfer market this will save your money, and you can get a high chance of getting a good player.

Also if you don’t like any player, you can transfer that player which will help you to save money and increase space for some good players. If you have a lot of FIFA 19 coins, you will be able to purchase some special items available in the transfer market.

You can cut down the cost through various techniques like sniping. So try to save a lot of coins so that you can use the transfer market at the right time.

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