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Best Team in FIFA

There are over 700+ international as well as national FIFA 19 teams. Each team has its own strength and weakness. There are thousands of players that make up all the 700+ teams and each player possess a special ability.

But with that huge number, the question arises which team is the best? Well, it’s hard to say any single team as the best FIFA team, so I’m going to make a list of 5 best teams in FIFA game.

Remember, that all the teams have their own class and uniqueness, so I’m compiling this list based on my personal experience, people opinion as well as the team performance.

Real Madrid

The first team in the list is Real Madrid, and the reason that they are here is due to their strong defense as well as attack. Real Madrid is quite a popular team and is three times winner of Champions League.

The loss of Cristian Ronaldo might cause some negative effect on the performance of the team, but still, they have a lot of potential in them even without Ronaldo.

Real Madrid has got some big names, including Isco, Gareth Bale, and Karim Benzema, that can help their team win in any situation.


Recently Juventus fans have got great news of Cristiano Ronaldo arrival. Ronaldo has added a new power to the forward attack of this team. Juventus has also got some new fans with the arrival of Cristian Ronaldo.

Other than Ronaldo, this team has got some amazing names including Mario Mandzukic, Douglas Costa, and Juan Cuadrado that makes the defense of this team unbeatable.

Other options in the shape of Paulo Dybala and Federico Bernardeschi are also available in the game. The highest ranged FIFA 19 player (Cristiano Ronaldo) is also in Juventus team with 94 points.


The other team that we can’t ignore in the FIFA top team list is Liverpool. Liverpool has got some fantastic names and is a tough contender in Champions League as well as the Premier League.

Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, and Sadio Mane adds a different strength to this team. They also have Alex Oxlade as a pace attack in their team.

Liverpool has got a good defense as well as an attack, which makes the opponent struggle against this team most of the time.

Manchester City

Taking about the best teams and not including Manchester City would be the worst thing to do. This team has got some raw talent, which leads the team to reach the 100 points in Premier league and make them the only team to reach this milestone.

Manchester City has also got big names like Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva; Kyle, Mendy which are enough to defeat any team in the world. This team has also got some real attack. Leroy and Sterling make the attack of this team worth it.

These big players have also made their team proud by lifting 13 trophies in Premier League. Manchester City is the only team to win that number of title in the Premier League.

Other than this, the team also has some experienced player like Sergio and Gabriel Jesus that are enough to make the opponent hopeless.

Paris Saint-Germain

Another team that must be included in the list of the top team is Paris Saint-Germain. This team never stop surprising us in FIFA. It has got some talented players like Edinson Cavani, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Adrien Rabiot, and Thiago Silva.

Due to these talented players, Paris Saint-Germain has won four different trophies. These player make this team a difficult competition. Paris Saint-Germain has got the best strike trio in the shape of Mbappe, Neymar and Edison Cavani.

This trio has supported Paris Saint-Germain to score 89 goals in the prior season. Other than this, the team has got some more great names in the midfield section.

Di Maria and Julian Draxler are among the midfield of this team that restrict the opponent to reach their goal. Not only this, Paris Saint-Germain has got one of the best center backs with the support of Marquinhos and Silva player.

While Gianluigi Buffon, who is the goalkeeper of this team, is considered as the wall against the goal pole that prevents the opponent from scoring goals.

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