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Ankada Jugar – When Bombay Gambled On Cotton

With the textile industry booming in Bombay cotton textile boomed from 1,714 million meters to 4,016 million meters in production. The area was crowded with workers coming in from all places in the country. It was during this crowded Mumbai when the textile workers found a new way to make quick money, Ankada jugar. Ankada Jugar was the brainchild of a simple grocery keeper in Walli, Kalyanji Bhagat and involved the mill workers or others in betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton from the New York cotton exchange they got from Bombay cotton exchange through teleprinters. Kalyanji was an immigrant, like the most of Bombay’s population, originally a farmer from a town called Kutch in Gujarat.

Matka gambling

The business was model was so successful that it began to be taken up all over Bombay and spurting up all places around the mills and it’s workers. The Matka business was flourishing and soon it’s revenue’s Rose to around 500 cr around the time. However, with the cotton mills being closed down and the New York exchange stopping the practice, bringing about the evolution of ankada jugad. Soon after the game was taken by Ratan Khatri and made changes to taking lots of imaginary prices that would be pulled out of earthen pots and it was called Matka.

Satta gambling

Another version of Matka also existed and this was started out by Ratan Khatri in mumbadevi which became one of the largest hubs of betters and bets, the alternative form of Matka was built with the pulling out of playing cards to form the winning numbers. However, Ratan Khatri’s form of Satta Matka guessing was found more trusted as the pulling out of cards was done in the presence of a patron.

New shores of Matka

These practices brought life to the dying gambling habits and rose dramatically in a few years with central Mumbai as it’s centre. The gambling dens where all bought after a massive crackdown by the Mumbai police in the following years. The punters spread across the northern parts of India and the outskirts of Bombay looking for new modes of gambling. Satta and Matka both went more underground to online markets and other smaller game plays. The punters went looking for newer versions of gambling such as cricket betting or online markets. Today, satta Matka games are found in several states in the north with Maharashtra being one of the prominent hubs and also following its punters the game has several versions online.

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